June 2007

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Hot Dogs for Peace

Photo: Topanga Memorial Day Parade 2007Every Friday a peace group stands on Topanga Canyon Blvd. with signs against the Iraq War. They’ve been out there for four years and counting.

Wild Food

Isa and I went to a “Wild Food Summit” down the street at a “burning man” community. We learned how to forage.

My Tibetan Mastiff

Momo’s not so bad. He only has one bite “on his record.” Notice the language. It’s like saying I have no Mexicans “on my payroll.”

Yurt Livin’

I can’t for the life of me remember how the decision to put this in our yard came about. That said, I suppose that’s how all the other yurts in Topanga came to be.

Asian Dogs

People wonder why I put up with John’s dog. “What was he thinking getting such a vicious beast?” they whisper as they hear the growls behind the bedroom door. John saw big, John saw fluff. He saw a Newfie that didn’t drool. He saw a family guard dog. He’d never been to Tibet. He didn’t […]

Sopranos series finale

Sunday afternoon in Topanga canyon, and I’m going on the record with my predictions. We’re going to be left with a final image of Meadow becoming a mob wife, capable of making all the same rationalizations as her mother. And not one person will be talking about the Tony Awards tomorrow.

First week of work

I just went through a long period of self employment, and I have to say I was very disappointed in myself as a boss. I let myself get away with murder. And when you only have one employee, that’s almost inexcusable (really, the lack of oversight was astonishing). This week, I started a new job–as […]

Another of John’s performances…

Dixie Canyon!


ALICEBy John Levenstein(Performed at Sit n’ Spin, Los Angeles, CA) Monday, October Seventh, 5:47 pm I am keeping this journal in order to not lose my mind while I wait for Alice to decide whether or not she wants to date me. She has already gotten naked with me, and given me a large purple […]

A Fresh Yarn piece

It Feels Worse