August 2008

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Holy Photoshop!!! III

2006…and today. Do they honestly think that looks like Brian Wilson? God only knows.

Miss Bong

In Korean, this says “Miss Bong”. Phonetically it sounds like “Mee-su Bong.” They’re little fishcakes somewhat like slim jims. Along those lines, there is a sports drink called Pis in Korea and also Pocari Sweat (competing sports drink).

Dinner Me Dreadfully

According to an article in our local paper, the following stores located in suburban Albany closed in the past year: Dinner Me Quickly, Make & Take, Dream Dinner, Dinner by Design, and Super Suppers. All specialize in foods to be taken home and frozen for later consumption. I never heard of a single one of […]

Snapshot: The Election

Spotted in a Los Angeles office complex:


Isa and I were invited by friends to Disneyland this week. We’d never been, so we accepted the offer. We parked, and waited in line for a tram. Then we waited in another line for a security check. Then we waited for tickets. The inside of the park: We walked down the fabled Main Street, […]

Holy Photoshop!!! II

Bob Costas, circa Athens Bob Costas, circaBeijing (I’ll leave the punchline hanging like a nice Chinese Olympic curveball)

Holy Photoshop!!!

Three photos. Same Carrie Underwood. Doesn’t she look like someone completely different on the left/cover photo?

The Hypotenuse?

I use a G5 (Mac). I’m amazed by its stability but my background was web programming so I maintain (for sport) other boxes on my little home network; I have linux and windows machines as well. John gave Isa an IBook for school this year (his old one). It’s a decent thing, but it clearly […]

Dead Bees, More Flies… Why?

Okay, so by now I’m sure you’re all aware -through various stories in the media- that honey bees are apparently dying mysteriously all across the country. Well, not knowing a damn thing about bees, I sort of assumed it was mainly the kinds of bees that are employed by beekeepers. You know, that breed of […]

Process Diagram

This appears on my screen whenever I am prompted to change my password at work.