September 2008

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46th Mersenne Prime Discovered

Congrats UCLA! You found a prime number with more than ten million digits and got yourself a cash prize as well. These are the people who found it. Mersenne primes are of the form 2^p -1, where p is also prime.(Simple example: let p=2 then 2 squared =4 -1 =3, which is prime, and so […]

Park bench in Calabasas, CA

In case you’ve never heard of her, if you’ve watched tv in the seventies or eighties or have seen a movie in that time you have seen her. I’ll leave you with “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”

Found in Closet: part two of four

This one’s a messenger bag, with a little banana and an Nike swoosh (?!) below it. Can you identify the banana? Baloney cat is being really annoying, he keeps purring wildly and laying on the bag. That’s right, it’s an Arrested Development bag. How have I never noticed this bag before?I do feel like I’m […]

John McCain Is So Out of Touch…

…that even his bunting is upside-down. I’ve done the Google image searches, folks. Flag bunting. Patriotic bunting. Red, white, and blue bunting. And every one I saw has the flat part at the top, and the curved part down. I’m no physics professor, but I think it has something to do with gravity. I’m Jack […]

Greetings from Estonia!

Greetings from Estonia, where everyone pretends to know English and pretends not to know Russian (understandably), and where the World Rogaining Championships are a mere 12 hours away. Here are some excerpts from the indemnity form I will be required to sign: 1.1.1 The competitor may get lost. 1.1.2 The competitor may fall under attack […]

Found in Closet: part one of four

I’ve never seen this John Larroquette Show leather backpack before. There’s got to be someone out there who would benefit from this backpack.

Sharp Advertising?

Just saw a commercial for Sharp Aquos LCD TVs. The gist of it: You’d have to be a physics professor to select a TV these days; luckily, the star of the commercial is a physics professor. Scrambling to the Internet, I learned that he is indeed a professor of physics—Gerard Fasel of Pepperdine. Now, OK, […]

Supermarket Finds

Via cellphone, my friend Graham sent me this photo: Graham says: “Made with real bits of baby seal!”