November 2008

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The Elevator at UCLA medical center

One can only imagine the things said that caused this sign to be created.

an underrated gem

Sometime in the mid 1980s, my partner Mike and I wrote a well-crafted comedy for Columbia about a juror who falls in love with a defendant. But Hollywood doesn’t want well-crafted comedies from arrogant twenty-four year-olds. And Mike got into a relationship with the development executive, then broke up with her just before we turned […]

Buy American

The Cadillac dealership near me is having a huge sale on Escalades. They’re like driving your living room around (if you have a large comfortable living room with a lazy boy and every electronic device you need within reach).


Citigroup, the ailing US financial giant, shocked the market yesterday by announcing that it would cut 52,000 jobs by the second half of next year. Vikram Pandit, the bank’s under-pressure chief executive, said yesterday that the total number of employees would shrink to about 300,000 by the end of June. Mr Pandit announced the cost-cutting […]

No one cares

When I googled “I haven’t been blogging,” yes, in quotes, I got 162,000 hits. There is an exploding genre of people apologizing for not blogging and a sub-genre of elaborate explanations for why they haven’t been blogging. What I’m saying is I’m sorry and I’ll try to do better.

Hypocritical Oath

As a past contributor, I received a mailing from the fine organization Doctors Without Borders, which included a free world map: There was only problem: There are borders ALL OVER THIS MAP! I just don’t know who to trust anymore.

Where does salt come from?

I typed in “where does…” this morning, and got this interesting list. This confirms yet again that there is a lot of interest in salt out there.

Dixie Cup

On Sunday I took Isa to a birthday party of her friend. The dad and step-mother happen to live in the Hollywood Hills. The expansive, modernist house has all the trappings one would think a house like this would have: a gorgeous view (see the ocean on a clear day!), palm trees, celebrity neighbors, a […]

How not to play Pokemon

My 11-year old son recently asked me to sell his “rare” Pokemon cards on ebay, including one that he has four copies of. I tried to explain that nothing that is available at Target could really be considered rare, but to no avail. The cards weren’t worthless, though: after a little research, I determined that […]