January 2009

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Overheard at Du-par’s

The other morning I ate breakfast within earshot of an interview with the woman who created the T.V. show Saving Grace. She had some interesting advice for anyone who wants to learn everything there is to know about acting. “Watch the first season of Saving Grace.”

Blooming Trees in January?

Found: Northridge, California, Jan. 28. Isn’t it early? I wouldn’t know, I’m from the East Coast.

44 in the Bookstore

After my first class of the spring semester, I went to the bookstore to get my book. It’s amazing how much junk they sell in university bookstores nowadays. It takes fifteen minutes to slog through the aisles of flannel pajamas, dummies books, snow globes, stuffed animals, and every other piece of junk with the college […]

Primitive Biathlon

I’ve finally identified a sport that may be lower on the pecking order than rogaining.

Today was a good day

Both Francis Boscoe and Boscoe Francis were nominated for the International Who’s Who of Professionals.