May 2009

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Middle School Math Puzzle

Since there are middle school math parents and magazine editors among the core readership of this blog, I thought this might be interesting. Keenan recently had a whole page of trapezoid area problems. Depending on how you approach it, you can get different answers, which I thought was a bit unfair. I’ll explain what I’m […]

We’re No. 4! We’re No. 4!

Really, A&E? You’re bragging about this? Sure, when I was a kid, Avis Rent-a-Car’s slogan was “We’re No. 2. We try harder.” Oh, it was a zany, innocent era: You could claim to be “no. 2” without any scatological connotations, while your rival’s ads featured O.J. Simpson running through airports. And there was some sound […]

This Is My New Bank

Before, it was Washington Mutual.

Want some bread with your pasta?

This is the new Domino’s “Bread Bowl Pasta”. Just in case you haven’t had enough carbs today, this should do you in. John ordered a pizza (why from Dominos I haven’t a clue, he says because he loves the online delivery service) so I had him order one of these so I could see it […]

I am not making this up

Yesterday I was waiting in the customer service line at Price Chopper to buy a 10-trip bus pass, since the fare was just raised to $1.50 and I never seem to have any change. Not to mention 10 trips cost only $13. The woman in front of me, who I would guess was from Trinidad […]

In today’s news

My former boss was issued a 20-count indictment yesterday. Well, ok, she was very far up the chain of command. In fact, I only ever had one direct encounter with her. One morning she, along with a couple of her handlers, boarded a crowded elevator on an upper floor. Everyone inhaled, and the elevator grew […]

Flighty Decisions

After all that hullabaloo about Air Force One‘s low flight over Manhattan, this is what the photos were used for??? Wow, the economy really is in trouble.