January 2010

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An About Face(book)

All right, all right, I’ve heard all the arguments, but it was finally the power of advertising that convinced me to join Facebook. Right now my sole friend is Clorox.

Jami Attenberg’s new book out Now!!

http://www.amazon.com/Melting-Season-Jami-Attenberg/dp/1594488967/ It’s already received great press from Marie Claire and Glamour, amongst other publications.  You can find out about all of that and more on my newly launched website, jamiattenberg.com .  And here’s a fun little interview on the Huffington Post:

On with the countdown!

#20 to 1 DownloadStream

My top 40 songs of the decade (with commentary)

Inspired by my friend Dave, who preceded me as music director at our college radio station in the 1980s and who just published a list of his top 300 songs of the decade (!), I assembled a more modest top 40. These are songs, not artists (indeed, there are a few artists here for whom […]