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  1. miclusick

    No worries Jack, people probably have better things to do than read my comment.

    Music in my car 6-CD Changer and their relevance to TV

    1- Austin Powers Soundtrack
    Odd pop song collection, 60s stuff, some instrumentals. Fun and forgettable, I like several of the 20 songs but am too much of a space cadet to properly match the names on the cd jacket to what i’m groovin on. If tv execs knew up from down, they’d turn Austin powers into a variety show, with the lead character being played by NONE other than Jack Silbert.

    2- Gazetteers “Here We Are”
    Maybe on my 10th listen and it really does get better each time. My wife declared the heard it before comparison to They Might Be Giants, and that was a tough one to swallow, because there’s so much more, as we all know. I remember my podunk Mommy used to do the inane scold “if you can’t say something nice, Don’t Say Anything At All.” I think that may apply in the SiW comment section, but I think it’s brilliant that Frank calls the members of KISS hideous! Spade a spade.

    3- Inland Empire Soundtrack
    Hands down, driving slowly in ANY neighborhood plays well with this record, not just Inland Empire neighborhoods, where I happen to be, and enjoy its flits of dark blues, low frequency feedback, schmaltzy strings, some Beck, a Vandellas type of song. If you were a fan of Twin Peaks, you will be a fan of this.

    4- Katy Perry
    My wife bought this for me after I started doing an asshole in love dance upon hearing Teenage Dream. It was being played at the end of Gossip Girl when they advertise the episode’s music. I really like the album, even though it’s probably more likely a bunch of asshole Hollywood dudes making the album than Katy. Still, as much as I like it, I’d rather watch the goings ons of Chuck, B, S, Vanessa, Nate and the rest of the fictional and non-fictional Upper East Siders. xoxo

    5- XTC Rag Bone and Buffet
    I have gone years when I haven’t listened the favorite musical sons of Swindon, but when I do, it comes back with a force like I was still 16, drinking and driving on the way to some weekend party. Apparently the main songwriter wrote the theme for a television show some 5-10 years ago, one of those shows that was semi-hailed by critics but still got cancelled after a season or 2.

    6- Tommy James – Greatest Hits
    Picked this up at the library a couple of weeks ago. James is close to being a cliched ‘real deal.’ I mostly base this on a DVD i saw several years ago of a bio about him, really really enjoyed it. He’s so incredibly lauded by a lot of cool musicians, I’ve tended to stay away from his influence. Saw the bio near the end of my 6 year stint living in a house/apt without cable tv, living alone, watching the computer, and having a horrible dating life.

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