11 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching: Edition II”

  1. miclusick

    Elijah Wood and the talking dog are called Grimlet or something along the line. It was featured in that Rolling Stone mag I mentioned in the previous post. The name of it then started blaring it’s way into our channel selection menu_guide. Something about Fox 10pm…sundays? Anyway, if it’s as good as Elijiah’s cameos with that neo-happyhippy-psych band from Denver, I’m not watching…closely!

  2. miclusick

    As much as I fancied myself shooting for a PhD in Ethnomusicology, in some dreamworld of knowing not how how to get raped by interest on student loans, I believe in the end there’d be gaping holes in my study concentration. Hence the question, is it traditional Yiddish music that plays during “Curb Your Enthusiasm”? I like it, catchy. Close to my own Eastern European skip-to-my-lou roots.

  3. Natalie

    You need to watch Dexter!! (I realize that you’re 5 seasons behind, but you have till fall to catch up!)

  4. Jack Silbert

    Miclusick, the Curb music (theme, anyway) is “Frolic” by 20th century Italian composer Luciano Michelini.

    I enjoyed the Wilfred programme tonight and will tune in again. Will it hold my attention over the long haul? We shall we.

    Natalie, among shows I’ve been told to watch that i haven’t watched: Dexter, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Justified…. the list grows and grows….

  5. miclusick

    jack, I find that, not that I’m scheduling a stratagem, but when I happen to watch Wendy Williams randomly, about once every couple of months, that shit is some of the best tv around. the last two times featured guests Charo and Irene Cara. Primo.

    thanks for the Curb clarify.

  6. miclusick

    *Breaking News*
    Our local paper had a report on this current issue with a great, if not coRny, headline and photo. The Sacramento Bee on the other hand, despite a lackluster headline, has perhaps the Pulitzer frontrunner for image of the year.


  7. Kristen

    I really liked the Killing too but the finale didn’t make me very happy. Then I read this interview with Veena Sud (http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/interview-the-killing-showrunner-veena-sud-on-the-season-finale) and was even more annoyed. Season 2 is still up in the air for me.

  8. Ladyfriend of Inuit Tribal Leader

    Can you recommend a good news program? I watched the BBC half-hour TV news last night, and they spent a full 5 minutes on the elections happening in Thailand! WTF?! I need my daily fix of Michelle Bachmann coverage!

  9. miclusick

    It’s been a bad couple of months for my TV watching persona. My wife just about only watches reality shows: bridal, food, home remodel, animals. And I haven’t been able to find anything better. Something has gone definitely south at the IFC. Which brings me to my point. I would gladly write a letter of complaint and inquiry to the IFC bigwigs, but I figured you, Jack, would do so much better. Mainly considering that you have a respectable and responsible job of handling the literary education of America’s youth. And of course that’s if you see any problems with choice of programming at IFC. A bird in my ear is chirping that you don’t see any problems with the IFC. Hey, wait, I just remembered what I heard in a rap song – It’s all good. Pulp Fiction 3x a week. It’s all good. Back to back Gone Baby Gone 2x a week. It’s all good. It’s not Independent Filmmaking; it’s all good.

  10. miclusick

    i read that colin hanks has joined the cast of hit tv serial killer show dexter.
    is he buds with owen wilson?
    that’s who my pic is for playing breivik in the next blocbuster independent film.
    leni riefenstahl directs meet the parents.

  11. miclusick

    omg. that last comment reads like a textbook Letterman joke. dear oh dear, i watch too much tv.

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