6 responses to “If I Had a Blog in 1992”

  1. cathy gauthier

    An entertaining read Jack, but it’s a bloody good thing you apologized to me before I read it. Apology accepted I guess. You should come further north where I live and dine on moose road kill, it outclasses deer road kill by a kilometer.

  2. Caren

    Really funny! A lot of great lines in there. Please post more stuff! Pretty please?

    I especially like the Gotta Have It line and the observations about the ‘cuisine.’ They should make you an honorary Canadian even if you don’t speak the language.

    I went to Toronto by myself for no special reason when I was about 30. I just wanted to go somewhere. My favorite thing was the peach juice kiosks in Eaton Centre. They don’t have peach juice kiosks at American malls, which is too bad. Peach juice is yummy.

  3. Carolyn Sullins

    We just got back from Canada last week. No drama other than an hour long line to get our passports and birth certs checked (probably because our 1992 “Pepsi — gotta have it” cards had expired). The road signs in “km” were a bonus — we were closer to out destination than expected! Another thing you wouldn’t know if you haven’t been to Canada since the 20th century: international roaming devours cell phone batteries to the point of making your phones useless. And your speed dials to voice mail, assistance, etc., don’t work in Canada either. Anyway, I miss the Lake Huron beach and Tim Hortons.

  4. jennyphresh

    Fab trip down memory lane! I visited Toronto for a trade show and made it to the local “Hooters” with drunken colleagues. The Canadian breasts that were thrust across our table, along with the execrable drinks, were very large.

  5. Kate

    Now, look, call me a geography geek if you like, but why were you staying the night in Pennsylvania? Where were you coming from, Oklahoma?? You were freakin’ MILES from Canada at that point. Yes, MILES. Thats, like, KILOMETERS, only bigger.

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