13 responses to “Roll On, Corolla: A Boy & His Car”

  1. Joe

    I have saved this lengthy post to my Kindle and will read as soon as I am lying on the beach with some free time.

  2. Beth

    I pretended my couch was a beach and I read the whole thing. So lovely! Also, I want Sean to make me a mix tape.

  3. CM


  4. Davidsfr

    I’d say this sounds pretty “Giving Tree.” Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I had a similar relationship with my first car, a 1975 Plymouth Valiant. I scrapped that in 1991, the same year you got your first car. OTOH I went without another car for about 5 years after that, including my first couple of years on Staten Island.

  5. muiklsk

    Which actress sang the last Christmas song before the world ended?

  6. muiklsk

    jack, I only included the question because you. are. the. master. of. puns. (Kindle in the wind LOLOL). maybe let it simmer for awhile. btw, based on your stories, you are so not the personality to give up.

  7. Amie aka @mammaLoves

    Okay they cassette? In the glove box? All. that. time??? I was in tears. Here via Rob.

  8. Judy A Olsen

    rock and rolla rip corolla

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