7 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 6/25/13”

  1. miclusic

    I had no idea that coolest thing about Salt in Wound was linked to Kraftwerk. Get that Hi-Res on the SiW front page today!

  2. miclusic

    It’s funny, the Verizon guy was at our house yesterday, and he put a cone behind his truck, and through the course of the morning I’d walk by, look at it, and kind of go in nowhere mind space. Not once I thought of SiW, but I kept being hypnotized by it.

  3. miclusic

    What do you think of this for my next tattoo?


    I think it was Frank who turned me onto them in 1990. Not a huge fan, but that doesn’t take away my immense respect. The concerts I’ve seen and the albums I’ve listened to are pretty special. My guess is they might be the most important band in the history of punk.

  4. miclusic

    Well, my wife reminds me time and time again, my whole body in public is a walking advertisement on how to be a loser, so, um, yeah, I’ll definitely blog you a pic if I decide on it.

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