4 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching: Edition VIII”

  1. mikghgb

    Coming up on my 7th year as Salt in Wound’s most prolific _________. It’s been a habit, an addiction, a commitment. I want to be uplifting. Yet almost with every sentence in this post I feel negativity. My loss.

  2. mikghgb

    Did not think of the 7year itch, Jack. Funny. I was thinking tho about 7 years ago sitting at a table with 3 or 4 of Salt in Wound’s founders. Not just a flash in the pan. There was about 10 seconds of the conversation that I’ve played in my head once or twice a year since then.

  3. mikghgb

    I don’t want to be creepy. Memory is screwy, trying to retell memory gets screwier, i’ve changed my opinion on occasion about the memory, and it likely and rightfully doesn’t carry the weight that I give it.
    Do you know what’s good on TV the next day or two? Note: I think we only get the sports stations you mention and maybe the Fox shows.

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