7 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 7/22/14”

  1. mikghgb

    What’s the deal with Milky Wimpshake’s song? Sometimes I need a professional critic to explain things to me. Any professional critics affiliated with this website?

  2. mikghgb

    I think the edge goes to the Ramones. When they start selling Noam Chomsky t-shirts at Target and WalMart, then it might be a more equal match.

  3. mikghgb

    Poor schmuck, considering Chomsky high-brow. Unless he’s talking about his linguistic work?

  4. darkf blbower

    I was at Weird Paul’s webpage and he has a couple recent pics of him wearing a
    t-shirt. Were you on the Weird Paul bandwagon while in Pgh?
    I thought he was a neat guy the couple times I talked with him at parties, but it kind of shocked me that several people i knew actually bought his albums, then actually listened to them, and had words of praise for him. I didn’t understand it. Not my trip. First Weird Al, then there was Weird Paul.
    He has a DVD for sale called Who’s That Idiot? and I do relate to that, there’s definite redeeming qualities. He struck me as something I would find in a gag gift store.A Groucho Marx glasses nose moustache mask. Kind of funny, cheap and throwaway.
    But he was a part of the scene during my age range 18-22, the time most crucial for a person to be in tune with pop music. It really is an age thing imopiniion, 20 year olds since the 1950s performing music for other 20 year olds.
    The Shangri-la of being one with the song.
    So Weird Paul is in my DNA so to speak.

  5. darkf blbower

    a safe distance – interesting way to put it.

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