6 responses to “My Internet Radio Playlist, 11/11/14”

  1. Gail S.

    Wow, Jack. The Ballad of the Green Berets. When that came out, my big brother was in Vietnam jumping out of planes. I have the 45 and I listened to it obsessively, hoping my brother wouldn’t die. Sorry for the darkness.

  2. Miclusic

    Soldier Girl brings back a very recent, sadly pathetic, somewhat humorous, i should have been high moment, memory.

  3. Miclusic

    When i first obsessively looked down to the # of responses section and glanced at xtc, immediate thought was sgt.rock, but generals and majors is better, more accessible to the sheeple we want to connect with

  4. Miclusic

    Oh, sorryGAliL, so selfish of me. Tsioundz like terrribleé worries on yourbrother.

    Currently o n t v – early Married With Children (dod someone say Hilarioous’nbv!!)

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