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  1. David Schaffer

    Well, as I’ve said, I appreciate your playing “The Red Fox” by Big Country. However I hoped for a poignant tribute to the late great Stuart Adamson, like the one I requested for Kirsty MacColl last time. I know, I didn’t mention it in the last correspondence, I had done so in the previous one. But the references to comedian Red Foxx and dialogue on “Sanford and Son” were not in the spirit in which I made the request. Yes they alluded to death, as in Red Foxx was going to join Elizabeth in death, but reverence was sought. The imitation was good though.

  2. Dick Unite

    I have a request. Paul Simon sings the lyric “step outside and smoke myself a J.”
    Pun guy Weird corporate AL could do a song titled “I Ate In The Evening.”
    Jack, next time I’m near Hoboken, we could roll a joint and smoke it together.
    Maybe some Wimps or Ira Kaplan are around too.
    There’s a huge roar of I think approval when Simon sings that lyric in Central Park.
    Sorry in advance, I’ve SiW typed about Simon a few times. Do you even like his stuff?

  3. Dick Unite

    Oh cool, I’m not quite awake, but that makes for creativity sometimes. Wanna spend a few minutes gabbing about Simon? Yeah, i played American Tune as a kid/teen a several times. Opening line, “forsaken”? The mood is hymm-like. Maybe a rip off from Bach or someone. There’s ayoutube of Rhymin Simon speaking in prose from the backseat of A car, talking about lifting stuff from Classical pieces. Maybe not, along those lines though.

  4. Dick Unite

    memories. maybe a month or two ago i listened to “i am a rock” becaus of SiW

  5. Dick Unite

    American Tune (YouTube remix)

    “ANNE L SAID: “I have only discovered ‘an American Tune’ in the past 2 or 3 years – about time of original article. It certainly has powerful lyrics that don’t seem to have been well thought of or much noticed in the ’70s, judging from some reviews. But as a singer of traditional, medieval, Renaissance & Baroque music the tune catches at me ironically in view of Simon’s title. Not only did he crib it from J.S. Bach (I presume) but Bach cribbed it from Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612). It’s from his 1601 ‘Lustgarten, Deutsche Lieder zu vier, fuenf, sechs und acht Stimmen’ (Pleasure Garden, German Songs for 4,5,6 & 8 voices) & appears there as a rueful little lovesong of at least 3 verses called ‘Mein G’mueth ist mir verwirret’ (My mind is confused). There the tune isn’t solemn at all but one of the bouncy, syncopated dances popular then. Who knows? As our knowledge of truly old music deepens it wouldn’t be surprising to find that Hassler borrowed an even older dance. So Simon also knows a good tune when he hears one. Understanding a tune’s past uses deepens our appreciation of its present & this one’s proved its universal staying power.”

    I wish w could type with people who appreciate this sort of thing. I bang my head against the wall; Salt in Wound is not the place for that appreciation.

  6. Dick Unite

    i saw a funny cat on the internet

  7. Dick Unite

    i delberated and deliberated a few more seconds, do i press like button click

  8. Dick Unite

    i misplaced my phone, boy oh boy panic

  9. Dick Unite

    i i i , me me me

  10. Dick Unite

    i saw a funny cat on the internet (this time it was a movie)

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