9 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions 2017”

  1. C

    11. Not put earworms in your friends’ ears? 😉 Happy new year! Hope it’s full of only good surprises

  2. Karl

    can I have your virtual reality headset when you’re done with it? I’ve seen enough of real reality.

  3. Leah

    MMXVII Spoken

  4. Allison Ofanansky

    Wow, that made me realize how out of the loop I am. I had to google half a dozen things. Hope you can get back to being my link to contemporary culture.

  5. Stupid Dork

    Wow, Allison< I'm out of looop 2. We r soulmates!

    Jackster, i need ur advice column. New Year 2thousand 1.7. is off to strange begnninng.
    In a few weeks, Highland Park, LA, I'm attending a Barm itzfah 4 tha 1st time. How does me non-semitic from dumbfuck rural hinterlands interact? A wee nervous. Although I feal humming Sting's "An Enfglishnma in NY" thruout the evening may b helpful?

  6. David Schaffer

    Dare I say “back to form!”?

    And the punctuation is perfect, check it out.

    I would tell you how much I missed your holiday radio show this year but I could never do the job adequately. Hope to hear you back on the “airwaves” soon.

    Happy New Year, and go ahead, tweet that new year check-writing joke.

  7. Stupid Dork


    I would argue that the phrase “back to form” hinges on too much subjectivity, or at least contextually speaking.

    A few months after my mother’s attempted suicide, I asked my father how she was doing. He replied with the gist that she was “back to form.”

    I can’t remember if I merely thought, or if I expressed it audibly, but “wasn’t that what got her into trouble in the first place?”

  8. David Schaffer

    SD, I was referring to his form before “The Troubles.”

  9. Stupid Dork

    where The Roches wear their Paul Simon connection too fittingly

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