"I’m Not There"

Best Bob Dylan: Cate Blanchett. Worth seeing just for her.

Worst Dylan: Richard Gere. He gets a big movie star entrance about halfway through, right when the movie needs something, but he is the last thing this movie needs. He’s playing Dylan’s outlaw Billy the Kiddish type incarnation, which, if I only had six Dylan incarnartions to work with, probably wouldn’t even make my list. Especially because it leads us into a completely disposable fantasy world of outlaws, freaks, and carnies, but without the saving grace of songs from Blood on the Tracks (a rights issue?).

Julianne Moore is very funny as the passive aggressive Joan Baez type he leaves behind. David Cross is effectively vacant as Allen Ginsberg. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams must go to the right parties–they’re completely forgettable.

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