March 2009

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Springtime Cone

… in the San Fernando Valley. More of interest than the traffic cone is the gorgeous navel orange tree behind it. There are many, many citrus trees in the Valley, and plenty of varieties. We have two lemon trees that are year-round (something I wasn’t aware of, year-round fruit).The other day I was walking by […]

Pssst! Over here!

Hi, my name’s Robert and I used to post here a lot. I’d like to post here again in the near future. In the meantime, I’ve moved to Uganda and have opened a computer lab. The blog for the project is here: S7 Project.

Special Diet Suggestion

I go by this store every morning.

Can’t Swing a Dead Cat ‘Round Here Without Hitting an Artist

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of “homeland jargon” quotes nestled into articles dealing with dire economic forecasts as of late.Here are two examples, the first about Oregon’s statewide school budget crisis:The worst part, she said, is the ongoing financial uncertainty. The town agonizes through one round of funding cuts, only to hear that it was […]