April 2008

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Recurring themes

Keenan told me that a kid was belittling him for not knowing who the Backstreet Boys were, or any other hip hop or rap groups. (The Backstreet Boys fit into neither of these categories and peaked when he was 2, so he gets major points for not even being able to come up with a […]

Fun With Anagrams

During a bought with procrastination-itis today I decided to use the time wisely by seeing how many anagrams I could come up with using the word “procrastinate.” I stopped at 2 because I realized that by using the procrastination period to deconstruct the word “procrastinate” I was in fact creating some sort of cosmic etymological […]


The other day, out of nowhere, Isa wanted a toy. We don’t have toy shops near us, save for a Babies R Us store a few miles away. I didn’t think they’d have anything, but we went in just to make sure.I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Babies R Us.They didn’t have any […]

Isa’s Riddle

Isa said to me, “Name a word that is both of two things, and yet also neither of the two things at the same time.”“I give up,” I replied.“Brunch,” she said, “It’s both breakfast and lunch, yet it is neither as well.” “Well, in that case,” I said, “My new answer is spork. Not a […]

Four Card Puzzle

‘Cause it’s been awhile since we’ve had a good puzzle. You’re sitting at a table with four playing cards on it. Two are face up and two are face down. You see an 8, a King, a red-backed card, and a blue-backed card. You’re told that all the Kings in front of you have red […]

What did she say??

Last night my husband Mike and I dragged our butts out to dinner because we had a babysitter. We both were tired and not in the mood to go out. But things started looking up when we found ourselves seated at my favorite kind of restaurant table – a banquette. I love this because I […]

"search terms"

The other day Isa told us about watching a youtube video where a man is doing martial arts and “a mysterious brown bulge” begins to come out of his butt, or something gross like that. Isa knows she’s only allowed to go to youtube for something specific, like a bird video, she’s not allowed to […]