May 2008

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No doubt this escaped your attention, but the author(s) of Ziggy have lately become delusional over the idea of inanimate objects talking to us. This has had the unintended consequence of making the comic strip interesting for the first time in decades, possibly ever. Often it’s a computer doing the talking (Figure 1). These are […]

White House Press Secretary’s Book Excoriates Bush

Here I go again, introducing politics once more into our fairly non-political blog, but I had to get your reactions on this one. Bush’s former press secretary, Scot McCLellan, has written a book that will hit shelves Monday in which he absolutely obliterates dubya. He talks about the unparalleled lying, the “culture of deception” and […]

Just for Fun

It so happened we were in S.F. when we stumbled upon Janis Joplin’s house for sale. It’s in Marin county, for a little over a million dollars. It was a nice wooded dead- end street.

R.I.P. Dick Martin

Laugh-In and Batman were the first and last shows to get me excited about color television. But when I was excited, I was very excited. The writing on Batman holds up better than the writing on Laugh-In. Even at the time, I knew it was sort of stupid. Ruth Buzzi, Arte Johnson, Alan Seuss and […]

Catch Me In "Recount" on HBO

Self promotion. What an ugly, indulgent, self-serving practice. So very Hollywood, and so very contemptible in every way. So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…. watch me! Please watch me! Okay, perhaps not exactly watch as much as hear me as I provide the voice for George W. Bush in the HBO […]


Time for some updates on your most pressing unresolved Salt in Wound topics! So how did that spelling bee turn out? Did I mention that the previous one – the one I won – was held at a hipster bar? By 2008 adult spelling bees had become passé, replaced by Guitar Hero contests. How about […]