January 2008

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Must remember to put labels on my posts.

The I.R.S.

When I was a senior in high school, I drove over the hill three times a week to take calculus at UCLA. At Yale, I was an economics major, studying with a Nobel Prize winner, while simultaneously taking classes at the grad school. In my lean years as a writer, I worked for an old […]

The Millionaire Matchmaker

There’s a new show on Bravo about a dating service for rich men. I’ve checked it out a couple times, and it’s pretty watchable. Patti, the matchmaker, isn’t content to just set people up, she needs to fundamentally change the flawed millionaires, bringing in teams of experts, as necessary. She’s personally offended when these men […]

Verizon Customer Service

This post was supposed to be about Canada, and the title of the post was going to be O, Canada. I’m in Victoria, in British Columbia. The company I work for (Perforce) has an office in Victoria and I’ve been working long-distance with the people here for the last nine months or so. I’ve been […]

State of the Union

The President is drunk and Dingell is dozing. Anyone else watching?

Answers to Your Pressing Questions

Frank’s post reminded me that we do get some interesting search queries, so I’d like to help out a little. Here goes… Why put sugar in a wound rather than salt?Well, I don’t know why you’d put salt in a wound in the first place. I wouldn’t put sugar in a wound either. I might […]

Amish miracle heaters

This is a remarkable scam even by the feeble journalistic standards of Parade magazine: Amish-made portable fireplaces without any of the “flames, fumes, smells, ashes, or mess” of a real fireplace. And they’re absolutely free if you call within 48 hours! Needless to say, they are ordinary Chinese-made electric space heaters encased in a wooden […]

Knocked Up versus Superbad

I met Judd Apatow in 1997. I’d just written a script that he liked and ultimately helped me set up. The studio didn’t meet his terms as a producer, so he ended up backing out of the deal, but he didn’t do anything to screw it up for me. He was a class act. At […]

Chasing That All-Important Youth Vote…

…Obama tries appealing to Juno‘s fan base.