January 2008

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A Night at the Movies

Last night Bernie and I went out to the movies. I’m happier watching screeners here, but Bernie sometimes likes to go out, so we left Isa with the babysitter and off we went. The theatre was fine. The floors had just been mopped, the screen was large and clean, and there was no chewed gum […]


Last night, there was a tornado warning for our area. It’s been raining a lot, and it will never cease to amaze me how Los Angelenos drive in the rain and flood conditions. My commute becomes quite hazardous on days like these. Part of the road I take is carved out of the side of […]

Diana Wolozin, meet Cathy Smith


I’m fairly convinced our dog, Chauncey, is even smarter than we give him credit for. I think this is true of all dogs. And it’s a brilliant tactic on their part. By maintaining enough of the illusion of inferior intellect, they reap big rewards. Free room, free board, treats, walks, limitless cuddling sessions, and just […]

When is a masseuse not a masseuse?

There are reports Heath Ledger’s masseuse wasn’t licensed. And the intial story noted she took a massage table out of the closet and set it up near the bed. What sort of masseuse doesn’t bring her own table? What could she have been doing there that would have led her to panic and call Mary-Kate […]

Hollywood Almost Anagram

Paul Dano Dana Plato

order of operations

You’ve all heard about Heath Ledger. He realized he was the fifth best Bob Dylan and went into a fatal spiral. So what’s your first move if you find him clinging to life and time is of the essence? According to Perez Hilton, you call Mary-Kate Olsen: A masseuse, Diana Wolozin, arrived to give Mr. […]

John Bought Jelly

Sorry this is picture of two jars of jelly is blurry. I have an old camera (that would be three years old). I’ve always liked preserves, my mother used to make her own jellies and applesauces and also can peaches and tomatoes from our garden. An old friend from Pennsylvania sent me a jar of […]

A Salt In Wound Game

Lately when I read new posts (not comments, just posts), I keep the name of the author scrolled off the bottom of the screen. When I finish the post I try to guess who wrote it. Frank, your Gazetteers post was easy, but that’s because Bernie loaned me your CD’s (which I like very much). […]