Found in Closet: part two of four

This one’s a messenger bag, with a little banana and an Nike swoosh (?!) below it. Can you identify the banana? Baloney cat is being really annoying, he keeps purring wildly and laying on the bag. That’s right, it’s an Arrested Development bag. How have I never noticed this bag before?I do feel like I’m […]

Miss Bong

In Korean, this says “Miss Bong”. Phonetically it sounds like “Mee-su Bong.” They’re little fishcakes somewhat like slim jims. Along those lines, there is a sports drink called Pis in Korea and also Pocari Sweat (competing sports drink).

John Bought Jelly

Sorry this is picture of two jars of jelly is blurry. I have an old camera (that would be three years old). I’ve always liked preserves, my mother used to make her own jellies and applesauces and also can peaches and tomatoes from our garden. An old friend from Pennsylvania sent me a jar of […]

Customer loyalty

Just before Christmas, UPS delivered a package to our house from our cell-phone company, a box large enough to hold 3 or 4 books. I hadn’t ordered anything, so figured it had to be a prize from one of those contests you unwittingly enter simply by going about your daily business. However, underneath a bunch […]