John Bought Jelly

Sorry this is picture of two jars of jelly is blurry. I have an old camera (that would be three years old). I’ve always liked preserves, my mother used to make her own jellies and applesauces and also can peaches and tomatoes from our garden. An old friend from Pennsylvania sent me a jar of black raspberry jelly that one of her friends made; but Isa and I had finished it. Yesterday John asked if we wanted anything from the store. Some jelly, I told him, but only if it’s something good.
John returned with the jar on the left, and I’ll list the ingredients:
Grape juice
corn syrup
high fructose corn syrup
citric acid

Basically, John bought jelly with no fruit in it. Or sugar, the two ingredients I’d asked for.

The second one Isa and I got later tastes much better:
cane sugar
concentrated lemon juice
fruit pectin

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