June 2008

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Gender Thread

Bernie and I spent the past few months looking into schools for our daughter Isa. Most of these schools were for “highly gifted” students and any one of them would have been thrilled to have her. Because they are overrun with boys. Last time I checked, college students were something like fifty-seven percent female. Law […]

Traffic cone: important new findings

During Bernie and Isa’s visit this weekend, Bernie and I took a stroll through the neighborhood that took us past the now well-known traffic cone. Close inspection revealed that the cone was, at one time, the property of St. Peter’s Hospital, a half-mile to the east. While we now know that the cone was not […]

Albany Shadow Store

Today I was driving in Albany and I noticed a shadow store. Here he was, the same leaning cowboy I saw back in California. In fact, the whole yard display filled with the same shapes. My sister in law suggested that there are online templates one can buy. Sure enough, she was right.

Faking Suicide

Samuel Israel III is missing. He may have jumped off a bridge or faked his own suicide. His car was found on the bridge, keys still inside. He wrote “suicide is painless” on the windshield. He left a bottle of pills in the car. This is complete overkill. I think the removal of any two […]

Another Salt in Wound Mystery

Bernie and I got married at the Bellagio Hotel. There was a big party with a lot of logistics that my wife is unaware of to this day. This is a picture of me arriving with some of Bernie’s family to the pre-party in our suite. Why am I arriving to my own party? Because […]

TV Show Memorabilia

Frank’s Proscar post reminded me of this thing, hanging in John’s office. There’s still have a few A.D. things lying around here, like a Bluth jacket, and yes, Zanotab.

Promoting Your Blog

After photographing the traffic cone the other day, my eye was drawn to a Post-It note affixed to the light pole. The Post-It note advertised Proscar® (finasteride), currently the leading medication to shrink one’s prostate. There is questionable marketing value for any drug that appears to be promoting scarring, but I believe the name was […]

Topanga Traffic Cone

Frank’s traffic cone post inspired me to show him how it’s done in Topanga. This neighbor has a GREEN traffic cone, at the ready, for any situation that might come his way: