The Continental Basketball Association

Sports news you probably missed: the CBA just wrapped up its season six weeks early. The two teams with winning records happened to be in the same city, so the league improvised a best-of-three championship to cut down on travel costs. When your league only has four teams, and they are in Albany, New York; […]

Albany Shadow Store

Today I was driving in Albany and I noticed a shadow store. Here he was, the same leaning cowboy I saw back in California. In fact, the whole yard display filled with the same shapes. My sister in law suggested that there are online templates one can buy. Sure enough, she was right.

Bee Season

Well, since we’re unashamedly chatting up our math team legacies, I take this opportunity to note that in a few weeks I will be defending my title as the Albany Adult Spelling Bee Champion. Last year’s winning word was godet, in round 52.