February 2009

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Iron Girders

I wish blogger would let these photos be larger. But I chose a tool certain non-technological people could use (John) and so, I’ll explain the photo. The landscape of my commute has certainly changed in the past two years. ‘For Rent’ signs have sprung up everywhere amidst weeds that have also sprouted on crumbling, dirt- […]

Budgeting advice

For as long as I can remember, newspaper and magazine articles offering basic budgeting advice have followed a standard script: drink less coffee, eat at restaurants less often, carry cash, balance your checkbook. You know times are getting tough when you come across a passage like this one: Consider downsizing your living quarters. For example, […]

An extreme coincidence

When I was the station manager at my college radio station (Carnegie Mellon, 1988-89), we came up with this programming concept called Massive Music Weekend. The idea wasn’t exactly new – it had been tried three or four years earlier – so I can really only take credit for helping to revive it. The concept […]

Thinking of Summer

We had a fly problem outside near the grill this summer. I hung one of those flytraps (you’ll see the picture is sideways but I like our little friend’s pose) and this guy showed up. Hung out all day, just picking flies out of the air, free for the taking. Ate them (like flies?) and […]

The Continental Basketball Association

Sports news you probably missed: the CBA just wrapped up its season six weeks early. The two teams with winning records happened to be in the same city, so the league improvised a best-of-three championship to cut down on travel costs. When your league only has four teams, and they are in Albany, New York; […]