sub-prime mortgages

Iron Girders

I wish blogger would let these photos be larger. But I chose a tool certain non-technological people could use (John) and so, I’ll explain the photo. The landscape of my commute has certainly changed in the past two years. ‘For Rent’ signs have sprung up everywhere amidst weeds that have also sprouted on crumbling, dirt- […]

Market trends

I used to have this sort of vague idea that I would let my son pick a stock and buy a few shares of it as a way of providing a lesson in economics and finance. I just checked, and in his lifetime the S&P 500 is now up a mere 1.1%. That’s worse than […]

Sub Prime Mortgages

A few years back, I was living in Pennsylvania, working at a community college and in the process of buying my first house. The offer process was irritating as hell, the owner wanted to raise the purchase price and pay my closing costs and do a number of shifting balances of things, and I was […]