wild speculation

Iron Girders

I wish blogger would let these photos be larger. But I chose a tool certain non-technological people could use (John) and so, I’ll explain the photo. The landscape of my commute has certainly changed in the past two years. ‘For Rent’ signs have sprung up everywhere amidst weeds that have also sprouted on crumbling, dirt- […]

Salt in Wound Mysteries Presents: Tim Lincecum

Geoge Steinbrenner rode into the All-Star game with a full medical team. Willie McCovey somehow managed to make it, even though he was unable to walk. But Tim Lincecum didn’t show up because of “flu-like” symptoms. None of the reports I’ve read simply called it “the flu.” Because, let’s face it, he’s just another kid […]

More New York Discoveries

My brother Paul has an unusual coffee mug in his house. He said our mother gave it to him, one of the many “drug company” gifts that have been bestowed upon us over the years. But this one was something I’ve never seen before: So we have here a three-handled coffee mug. Aranesp, by the […]

Diana Wolozin, meet Cathy Smith

When is a masseuse not a masseuse?

There are reports Heath Ledger’s masseuse wasn’t licensed. And the intial story noted she took a massage table out of the closet and set it up near the bed. What sort of masseuse doesn’t bring her own table? What could she have been doing there that would have led her to panic and call Mary-Kate […]