An About Face(book)

All right, all right, I’ve heard all the arguments, but it was finally the power of advertising that convinced me to join Facebook. Right now my sole friend is Clorox.

OOG Edition: Only On Guam

Found as an ad in the Guam Pacific Daily News; which, incidentally, you would get free should you purchase this dish.

We’re No. 4! We’re No. 4!

Really, A&E? You’re bragging about this? Sure, when I was a kid, Avis Rent-a-Car’s slogan was “We’re No. 2. We try harder.” Oh, it was a zany, innocent era: You could claim to be “no. 2” without any scatological connotations, while your rival’s ads featured O.J. Simpson running through airports. And there was some sound […]

This Is My New Bank

Before, it was Washington Mutual.

Flighty Decisions

After all that hullabaloo about Air Force One‘s low flight over Manhattan, this is what the photos were used for??? Wow, the economy really is in trouble.

Sharp Advertising?

Just saw a commercial for Sharp Aquos LCD TVs. The gist of it: You’d have to be a physics professor to select a TV these days; luckily, the star of the commercial is a physics professor. Scrambling to the Internet, I learned that he is indeed a professor of physics—Gerard Fasel of Pepperdine. Now, OK, […]

More New York Discoveries

My brother Paul has an unusual coffee mug in his house. He said our mother gave it to him, one of the many “drug company” gifts that have been bestowed upon us over the years. But this one was something I’ve never seen before: So we have here a three-handled coffee mug. Aranesp, by the […]