Purple Sweet Potatoes

These are grown on Rota (near Guam, part of the CNMI). They’re delicious, and I imagine they’d make a cool-looking mashed potato dish. (I’m thinking my photo doesn’t do them justice, as they are really a bright purple.)

Territory Cone

Cone spotted in Guam Airport: I’m disappointed I didn’t have my camera on me when my brother-in-law pointed out a cone in the middle of jungle on the nearby island of Rota. It didn’t appear to have a purpose.

OOG Edition: Only On Guam

Found as an ad in the Guam Pacific Daily News; which, incidentally, you would get free should you purchase this dish.

One Small Hitch

I’ve been traveling in Asia the past few weeks. Here’s a fun sign on a bathroom door in Guam. I hope it’s legible.


I took Isa on a hike in Topanga State Park. The weather was quite warm, so I reminded Isa to be careful of rattlesnakes. About a mile into our hike, a couple warned us that “about a quarter mile up, there’s a big one right off the trail, on the left.” I thanked them and […]