October 2008

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Cono de Tráfico

Technological dissonance

From a local classified ad posting: i have several multi-set 78 rpm records….ethel merman, frank sinatra, bing crosby etc. they look in good condition, but i don’t know if they play [Italics mine]

Found in Closet: part three of four

It’s some sort of tote bag.

Advice to the Lovelorn

Jack has had no luck meeting anyone special at lesbian weddings, on subways, at his neighborhood deli, and especially not through the Salt in Wound community. Might I suggest a 5k race? Actually, a half-marathon would be even better, but first things first. 51% of all race finishers in the US are women, with a […]

The fish photo reminded me of this movie poster

The Elmo costume reminded me of this photo