October 2008

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Array of Wall Street Photos

Market trends

I used to have this sort of vague idea that I would let my son pick a stock and buy a few shares of it as a way of providing a lesson in economics and finance. I just checked, and in his lifetime the S&P 500 is now up a mere 1.1%. That’s worse than […]

Swallow Me Elmo

My 11 year old son finds this to be the creepiest costume in the catalog.

Palin/Biden debate

Palin said they didn’t rape the continental shelf when drilling ‘up there in Alaska.’ John said, “Biden should counter with, ‘yes they DID rape the shelf and that Palin is going to make the shelf pay for the kit.”

Estonia recap

So, I ended up finishing about where I expected (in the bottom third), but not for the reason I expected – my teammate ran out of steam long before I did. Also, to my surprise, I think I would like to try this again. Here is how it was reported on Estonian television.