John McCain

Palin/Biden debate

Palin said they didn’t rape the continental shelf when drilling ‘up there in Alaska.’ John said, “Biden should counter with, ‘yes they DID rape the shelf and that Palin is going to make the shelf pay for the kit.”

The Gipper

Last night, during the RNC, there was a video tribute to Ronald Reagan. Not once, but twice the voiceover intoned, “President Ronald Reagan never forgot who he was.”

He’s like a therapist to me sometimes as well

There’s a lot to hate about Meghan McCain’s take on her father’s recent barbecue, even if you can get past the overly cozy relationship between candidate and press. There’s the insistence on referring to the house as a “cabin.” There’s the melanoma ravaged presumptive Republican nominee openly daring the sun. But mostly there’s the telling […]