Another letter to the editor…

…exclusive to Salt in Wound! To the editor: The slogan on your masthead, held in a fierce-eyed eagle’s beak, reads, “the information source for the Capital Region”. And yet Andy Rooney’s column is the precise opposite of information. I know, I know: he is a local institution, 91 years of age, has been doing this […]

Another Letter to the Editor I speak out when I feel the need to. However, I’ve never had a letter to the editor published which did not contain (and not by my hand)  a typo, grammatical mistake, or just a cut of the core of my argument. Play ‘spot the glaring grammatical error game!’ (answer is in the comment […]

Deli meat

This story is not as amusing, but I’ve been waiting patiently for several years for a chance to reuse the ‘deli meat’ label. By now, you’re probably wondering, “Who is this Robert Gavin? How is he getting all of these scoops?” I’m afraid it’s simply because so many of the other reporters have been laid […]

Another Economic Metaphor

From a NYP article about the Boston Globe: Another widely discussed option — selling the 137-year-old Boston paper — seemed less likely as potential buyers waved off any thoughts of owning the admired money-pit. “It’s like trying to catch a falling knife,” said Jack Connors, the former head of Boston ad agency Hill Holliday, who […]

Can’t Swing a Dead Cat ‘Round Here Without Hitting an Artist

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of “homeland jargon” quotes nestled into articles dealing with dire economic forecasts as of late.Here are two examples, the first about Oregon’s statewide school budget crisis:The worst part, she said, is the ongoing financial uncertainty. The town agonizes through one round of funding cuts, only to hear that it was […]

Should I call in the correction?

From a local newspaper story on the death of a distinguished Albanian: Daniel and Millie Grossberg live next to the Miyashiros on Stonehenge Drive in Albany. They said Miyashiro loved nature, and had a beautiful garden and a goldfish pond loved by neighborhood kids. A blue herring recently ate the goldfish, Millie Grossberg said.Keenan pointed […]

Letter Writing

I like to write letters to publications when something bothers me. Vogue published an article about female circumcision. I wrote them a strongly worded letter how I didn’t feel that what was happening to these women in Africa could be named such a thing, unless of course circumcision entails cutting off a man’s entire penis. […]

He’s like a therapist to me sometimes as well

There’s a lot to hate about Meghan McCain’s take on her father’s recent barbecue, even if you can get past the overly cozy relationship between candidate and press. There’s the insistence on referring to the house as a “cabin.” There’s the melanoma ravaged presumptive Republican nominee openly daring the sun. But mostly there’s the telling […]

Asimov Resurrected

An anonymous reader of Salt in Wound sent me this update on the Isaac Asimov Super Quiz situation. She so wished to remain anonymous that she wouldn’t even post this as an anonymous comment. Q: What quiz is returning? A: Isaac Asimov’s Super Quiz returns to the Times Union comics pages on Monday, Jan. 21. […]

Schlolastic News

While out stumping for her mother the other day, Chelsea Clinton refused to answer a nine-year old Scholastic News reporter’s question. I don’t really have an opinion either way on that, but I’m really glad Scholastic News has been brought up. Isa brings that drivel home weekly, and I’m shocked that teachers think it’s an […]