Should I call in the correction?

From a local newspaper story on the death of a distinguished Albanian: Daniel and Millie Grossberg live next to the Miyashiros on Stonehenge Drive in Albany. They said Miyashiro loved nature, and had a beautiful garden and a goldfish pond loved by neighborhood kids. A blue herring recently ate the goldfish, Millie Grossberg said.Keenan pointed […]

Windows Vista: a Thought

The other day a friend told me that her computer had crashed and tech support had told her there was no hope; she’d never be able to get her prized photos off her year-old Fujitsu laptop. I asked what she was running and she said Vista. I’ve never had the opportunity to use/misuse Vista, so […]

Faking Suicide

Samuel Israel III is missing. He may have jumped off a bridge or faked his own suicide. His car was found on the bridge, keys still inside. He wrote “suicide is painless” on the windshield. He left a bottle of pills in the car. This is complete overkill. I think the removal of any two […]

Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Here’s my Valentine’s day dilemma. Please tell me what you think. I’ve been on three dates with a woman whom I’m at least moderately interested in. There’s nothing going on between us – it could wind up being a friendship or something else. Any of those are fine; I’m looking for something serious and am […]