Wal-Mart in Covina

(from the LA Times)…Becky Willison, 31, of Covina was one of them, standing watch over a boxed Cabbage Patch Kids doll. She hoped to nab the $9 item for her 15-month-old daughter Mackensie because “it’s smushy,” she said. The former middle-school English teacher, who was laid off in June, saved $550 of her unemployment checks […]

NYC Manger Scene


Isa and I were invited by friends to Disneyland this week. We’d never been, so we accepted the offer. We parked, and waited in line for a tram. Then we waited in another line for a security check. Then we waited for tickets. The inside of the park: We walked down the fabled Main Street, […]

Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Here’s my Valentine’s day dilemma. Please tell me what you think. I’ve been on three dates with a woman whom I’m at least moderately interested in. There’s nothing going on between us – it could wind up being a friendship or something else. Any of those are fine; I’m looking for something serious and am […]