December 2008

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There’s more honest debate in Israel about Israeli policy than there is here in the United States. Obama seems to have bought into conventional wisdom. This is a good organization to consider, especially if you’ve got any Jewish guilt to assuage.

Today’s Parade Magazine…

…contained this quote from Henry Winkler, on the phrase ‘jumping the shark’: “I also ‘jumped the shark’ on Arrested Development. To be fair, writing 22 sitcom episodes each season is harder than climbing Everest without clothes”. I must confess I don’t understand this quote. (Several pages later is our old friend the Amish Miracle Heater […]

The Yule Log

We were happily watching the Yule Log on local KCAL Channel 9, when John told us there was something better. The Hi-Def Yule Log.

Under Pressure

For the second time, while getting my hair done at the salon on the corner, “Under Pressure” came on the radio. Both times (with different staff) someone said, “Who sings this?” So I interjected (last time and again today) with, “Ok, how about name ONE person who sings this song. There are two.” “Um. Vanilla […]

NYC Manger Scene

Signature Dining Measurements

A lot has changed in hospital care over the years. At UCLA Medical Center, one doesn’t just get a hospital tray, one has a ‘Signature Dining’ Menu (delivered by a Nutritional Care Assistant). When I was a kid my teachers in school kept insisting our country would and should be metric by the time we […]

Promo cone

I didn’t have any great expectations for a local planning conference I attended recently. Not only did it turn out to be pretty good, the state Department of Transportation was giving away these. “Everyone in my blogging club would love one of these,” I thought. But, the limit was one per customer.