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Musikfest offerings

After screaming at Arlen Specter at a ‘town hall’ meeting about healthcare reform, Pennsylvanians can head on over to Bethlehem and attend Musikfest, and grab a few of these:

Signature Dining Measurements

A lot has changed in hospital care over the years. At UCLA Medical Center, one doesn’t just get a hospital tray, one has a ‘Signature Dining’ Menu (delivered by a Nutritional Care Assistant). When I was a kid my teachers in school kept insisting our country would and should be metric by the time we […]

The Elevator at UCLA medical center

One can only imagine the things said that caused this sign to be created.

This posting is Rated R

Last week the New York State Department of Health ramped up its campaign to equate smoking in films with an R rating, taking out full-page ads in every major state newspaper containing pre-written clip-and-mail letters to major studio executives. I decided to make this the basis of a dinnertime civic discussion with my 10-year old […]