July 2008

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For Those About to Iraq, We Salute You

After watching AC/DC’s 1985 “Shake Your Foundations!” video, I’m surprised Angus Young’s name has never come up among 9/11 conspiracy theorists.


I was in the yurt when it started shifting. I felt safe in it (as opposed to other times when I’ve been in buildings during quakes). From an article just out on CNN: The quake was predicted to occur, according a study sponsored by the USGS published in Science Daily in April. The study had […]

I spoke too soon

In the following day’s paper: The wrong animal was described in Friday’s Capital Region story about the death of Akiho Miyashiro at Thacher Park. It was a blue heron that ate the fish in Miyahiro’s Albany pond. Side note: The only reason we know so much about Mr. Miyahiro, who was 87, is that he […]

Should I call in the correction?

From a local newspaper story on the death of a distinguished Albanian: Daniel and Millie Grossberg live next to the Miyashiros on Stonehenge Drive in Albany. They said Miyashiro loved nature, and had a beautiful garden and a goldfish pond loved by neighborhood kids. A blue herring recently ate the goldfish, Millie Grossberg said.Keenan pointed […]

"Can you watch my things?"

Today at the beach, there was a mother next to us with four kids. She absolutely never shut up. I told Bernie she’s the sort of person who has children just so there’s a captive audience to listen to her non-stop stream of trivia. When she gathered the family to go for a hike, I […]

Stars on 45

Every summer I take Keenan to a mom-and-pop waterslide park at the northern fringe of the Catskills. One of its curiously entertaining features is its music selection. It consists of popular hits from about 1964 to 1984, weighted more heavily toward the later years, and entirely from K-Tel-type compilations. Missing are any songs by artists […]

Windows Vista: a Thought

The other day a friend told me that her computer had crashed and tech support had told her there was no hope; she’d never be able to get her prized photos off her year-old Fujitsu laptop. I asked what she was running and she said Vista. I’ve never had the opportunity to use/misuse Vista, so […]

Salt in Wound Mysteries Presents: Tim Lincecum

Geoge Steinbrenner rode into the All-Star game with a full medical team. Willie McCovey somehow managed to make it, even though he was unable to walk. But Tim Lincecum didn’t show up because of “flu-like” symptoms. None of the reports I’ve read simply called it “the flu.” Because, let’s face it, he’s just another kid […]