July 2008

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Possible New Way to Learn Things

Seen at car wash in Woodland Hills, CA. Subjects included American History, Biology, and Chemistry.

The Definitive Going-Away Flyer

Going-Away Announcements

Retirement and going-away announcements are an underacknowledged folk-art form, characterized by incoherent design elements, maudlin sentiment, clip-art infestation, and nautical metaphors. For example, here is the flyer someone made for my friend Kristen’s imminent departure to Michigan (she is a reader and very occasional commenter on this blog). While a good example of the genre, […]

More New York Discoveries

My brother Paul has an unusual coffee mug in his house. He said our mother gave it to him, one of the many “drug company” gifts that have been bestowed upon us over the years. But this one was something I’ve never seen before: So we have here a three-handled coffee mug. Aranesp, by the […]