great mothers

"Can you watch my things?"

Today at the beach, there was a mother next to us with four kids. She absolutely never shut up. I told Bernie she’s the sort of person who has children just so there’s a captive audience to listen to her non-stop stream of trivia. When she gathered the family to go for a hike, I […]

Happy Mother’s Day

I just love this. I hope you do too.

Uh Oh, Nikki’s Tired Again

I’ll spare you the effort to click to deadlinehollywooddaily– THE go-to place for strike information. Here’s Nikki’s latest: DHD Update: Back On January 22ndI’m exhausted. I’m not feeling well. I’m overwhelmed. I need a week away from the emails and the comments and the phone calls and the rumors. Most of all, I just need […]