Uh Oh, Nikki’s Tired Again

I’ll spare you the effort to click to deadlinehollywooddaily– THE go-to place for strike information. Here’s Nikki’s latest:

DHD Update: Back On January 22nd
I’m exhausted. I’m not feeling well. I’m overwhelmed. I need a week away from the emails and the comments and the phone calls and the rumors. Most of all, I just need to rest since I’ve been going, going, going, since the strike started. I look forward to coming back on January 22nd and finding it settled (?). In the meantime, stay out of crosswalks while I’m gone. And I promise to return refreshed.

And so, at a point where the DGA is in the mix, our news source decides she’s tired.

Hey, I’ve been going going going since the strike started too!
She sounds like those certain mothers who complain how exhausted they are all the time, handing off their kids to others, so they can have ‘mommy time.’ All the while still thinking they are great mothers, and somehow doing the world a great service.

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