strike meeting

It was surprisingly low key, even though this was a relative victory for the writers. The final meeting in 1988 was much more boisterous, and that was in the face of a clear loss. And I can’t help thinking it’s because of the attitude of our leadership. There wasn’t a sign pointing upstairs saying “WGA […]


Yesterday was hopefully the last day of WGA picketing, a mass march at Disney. As soon as I reached the line a stranger asked if I would sign his picket sign. “It’s for my kid when he grows up. So he knows that I did something.” I signed, but also silently hoped that he would […]


The writers’ strike led to an impasse, with management walking out of the negotiations. The DGA stepped in and made a deal, a better one than they would have made without our efforts. That deal has unofficially been offered to the writers. End of story. But, sadly, for many, it’s just the beginning. I’m getting […]

Uh Oh, Nikki’s Tired Again

I’ll spare you the effort to click to deadlinehollywooddaily– THE go-to place for strike information. Here’s Nikki’s latest: DHD Update: Back On January 22ndI’m exhausted. I’m not feeling well. I’m overwhelmed. I need a week away from the emails and the comments and the phone calls and the rumors. Most of all, I just need […]

I want to strike forever

That’s how this inflammatory quote from today’s Hollywood Reporter makes me feel: Meanwhile, studio negotiators must grapple with their own knotty dilemma in deciding when, and how, to resume negotiations with the WGA. As one management-side source put it, “The tough question is how do you reward the DGA for good behavior and not the […]

cluster bombs before the peace

Chatter is increasing, the DGA and management may be close to a deal. So the studios take the opportunity to cut loose a bunch of writers. They know, as soon as this settles, they’ll no longer be able to claim force majeure. So it’s last call, belly up to the bar, boys. Like Israel dropping […]

The State of the Strike

The DGA and management are negotiating. Meanwhile, the WGA keeps making deals with companies looking for a competitive edge. So pressure is being exerted from both sides. Ken Ziffren, the universally respected entertainment lawyer who played a big part in resolving the 1988 dispute, has stepped in as the directors’ lead negotiator. The Oscars are […]

AND mean?

From Nikki Finke: NBC Entertainment co-czar on Monday told his new best friend, the no-talent Ryan Seacrest before the Golden Globes awards show was officially scrapped that, “Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that prom […]

some good news

United Artists is making an interim agreement with the WGA. Tom Cruise took over UA after Sumner Redstone banished him from Viacom. None of the other moguls are happy about this deal, Redstone included. Could it be payback?

Letterman versus Leno

I’ve never met Letterman. Leno is a famously great guy. I worked with him briefly, on a show called “Television Parts,” hosted by Michael Nesmith, sometime around 1984. He was as nice as advertised. The show was an effort to do for comedy what MTV had done for music, sparked by legendary NBC president Brandon […]