adults do the darndest things

Wal-Mart in Covina

(from the LA Times)…Becky Willison, 31, of Covina was one of them, standing watch over a boxed Cabbage Patch Kids doll. She hoped to nab the $9 item for her 15-month-old daughter Mackensie because “it’s smushy,” she said. The former middle-school English teacher, who was laid off in June, saved $550 of her unemployment checks […]

I am not making this up

Yesterday I was waiting in the customer service line at Price Chopper to buy a 10-trip bus pass, since the fare was just raised to $1.50 and I never seem to have any change. Not to mention 10 trips cost only $13. The woman in front of me, who I would guess was from Trinidad […]

"Can you watch my things?"

Today at the beach, there was a mother next to us with four kids. She absolutely never shut up. I told Bernie she’s the sort of person who has children just so there’s a captive audience to listen to her non-stop stream of trivia. When she gathered the family to go for a hike, I […]

Another Salt in Wound Mystery

Bernie and I got married at the Bellagio Hotel. There was a big party with a lot of logistics that my wife is unaware of to this day. This is a picture of me arriving with some of Bernie’s family to the pre-party in our suite. Why am I arriving to my own party? Because […]

Friday round-up

It really has been quite a week. First we had Frank’s mirthless situation, we had our poor pregnant marine labeled a ‘compulsive’ liar who actually turned up buried in a backyard, and now this: a scrapbooking tale of woe.


I’m pretty absentminded, but for the most part I’ve learned how to handle it. It helps to have many of the same necessary objects. I’m always putting down my reading glasses and then can’t find them, so I have ten or so pairs scattered around my apartment and office. Today I hit the pinnacle of […]