I am not making this up

Yesterday I was waiting in the customer service line at Price Chopper to buy a 10-trip bus pass, since the fare was just raised to $1.50 and I never seem to have any change. Not to mention 10 trips cost only $13. The woman in front of me, who I would guess was from Trinidad or Guyana, was sending a $650 Western Union money order to Lagos, Nigeria ($689 total cost, including service fee). It was a very slow transaction.

I spent the time trying to think of any possible reason this deal might be legitimate, and whether ethics or courtesy demanded that I chime in. Of course, the answers are none and no. At the end she asked the cashier not to tell anyone she had been there. The cashier returned a look of extreme puzzlement, raised her palms, and said “none of my business”. Since I made no such pledge, I’m sharing my story.

That’s two posts in one day!

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