Want some bread with your pasta?

This is the new Domino’s “Bread Bowl Pasta”. Just in case you haven’t had enough carbs today, this should do you in. John ordered a pizza (why from Dominos I haven’t a clue, he says because he loves the online delivery service) so I had him order one of these so I could see it in person.
I worked at Pizza Hut many summers ago. To make a pizza, one would open a can of sauce, get the frozen crust out, pour two squirts of oil in the pan, pour two ladles of sauce in the crust, get out the frozen bag of cheeze (spelling error stays), put on X number of pepperoni slices (again, from bag) and put it into the machine-oven, that brought it cooked out of the other side. There wasn’t a single fresh ingredient in the entire place. I think the healthiest option was the beer on tap served in pitchers.

This bread bowl isn’t doing anyone any favors. It looks like the KFC ‘Famous’ bowl. Remember McRibs?

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