Salt in Wound Sports

Salt in Wound Sports

The announcers keep talking about what a good job the Celtic defense is doing on Kobe. I don’t think that’s what’s happening. The Lakers don’t have a starting point guard who can handle Rondo’s speed, so Kobe has to do it. He is hobbling by the fourth quarter and has nothing left on offense. I’m […]

Dodge ball!

Last week in Albany a group of local guys set the world record for longest continuous dodge ball game. This event appealed to me in a number of ways. Not the world record part, even though the Guinness Book loomed large in my childhood: in 1976, I was part of the world’s largest kazoo orchestra […]

A Sad Day

NOOOOOO!!!!!! Harry Kalas has passed away. R.I.P. Harry. (I guess he’s ‘outta here’) Here’s a clip of him announcing the last few minutes of the World Series 2008. (My little brother in 1980, probably got these items at Veterans Stadium giveaway days)

The Continental Basketball Association

Sports news you probably missed: the CBA just wrapped up its season six weeks early. The two teams with winning records happened to be in the same city, so the league improvised a best-of-three championship to cut down on travel costs. When your league only has four teams, and they are in Albany, New York; […]

Another Salt in Wound Mystery

Bernie and I got married at the Bellagio Hotel. There was a big party with a lot of logistics that my wife is unaware of to this day. This is a picture of me arriving with some of Bernie’s family to the pre-party in our suite. Why am I arriving to my own party? Because […]

Spring Fever

From When the Cardinals acquired third baseman Troy Glaus he seemed earmarked for the cleanup job, a big bat protecting Albert Pujols. Then La Russa checked the numbers. Glaus is a career .238 hitter at cleanup, hitting .229 there last season. In the No. 5 spot, Glaus hits .259 (.353 last season) and slugs […]

Super Bowl Halftime Show

In light of their past problems with the FCC, I was suprised to see the show start with a giant penis arrow making its way across the field to the heart shaped stage. The penis punctured the heart, Tom Petty came to life, and enthusiastic fans rushed the stage. Who were these young white people […]

Isa Meets Pete Rose

A couple summers ago, Isa and I were in Las Vegas for my mother’s birthday. We went to the mall near Caesar’s Palace where there’s a light show with sculptures of Greek Gods moving and speaking. The show is pathetic, and Isa and I like to go for the contrast between the weak effects and […]


Congratulations to Goose Gossage for his election to the baseball Hall of Fame. He has no business there. In fact, the only relievers who belong and aren’t already in are Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman, and that’s because they’re still playing. Jim Rice just missed and should make it next year. He shouldn’t, but he […]

another narrow admission

Another player who appears in the Mitchell report tries to get out ahead of the story. From Brian Roberts of the Orioles, in a statement to the Baltimore Sun: “In 2003, when I took one shot of steroids, I immediately realized that this was not what I stood for or anything that I wanted to […]