Isa Meets Pete Rose

A couple summers ago, Isa and I were in Las Vegas for my mother’s birthday. We went to the mall near Caesar’s Palace where there’s a light show with sculptures of Greek Gods moving and speaking. The show is pathetic, and Isa and I like to go for the contrast between the weak effects and strong rhetoric. “Incredible!” the statue says. “Amazing! Apollo, play us the music from your lyre. The most beautiful sounds I have ever heard!”

While we were waiting for the show to begin, I looked to my right. A large banner above a sports memorabilia store said Pete Rose was appearing that day. I looked down from the banner. Pete Rose was sitting alone at a long card table. This called for further investigation.

Isa and I went inside and quickly ascertained what was going on. Pete Rose would sign anything you bought at the store. They had cameras for sale if you wanted to capture the moment of Pete signing whatever you bought at the store (except for the camera). I bought a picture of Pete Rose sliding into home plate.

“Gamblin’ Rose, Gamblin’ Rose
Why he gambled, no one knows
Bet on his own team, that was dumb, Pete
Now, you’ll always… be Gamblin’ Rose.”
(Chris Cox, age 17)

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